Environmental activities

Environmental activities

Environmentally regulated substance investigation

Our company has established an "Environmental Investigation Division" as a specialized department to investigate chemical substances.
We request suppliers to investigate chemical substances such as RoHS and REACH, and respond to customers.


"COOL CHOICE"is a new citizen movement that makes various "cool choices", choosing energy saving, low carbon type products, services, and actions.
As a Cool Biz, we will work with a no-tie at the setting temperature of 80.0F in summer. And, as a Warm Biz, we keep room temperature 68.0F during heating in winter.
In addition, we agree with "Fun to Share", aiming for a low-carbon society.

2021 Results Report (PDF)

Rooftop greening

We are working to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions by planting greenery on each rooftop to prevent the temperature in the office from rising or falling, and by reducing the power consumption of air conditioners.

No My Car Day

Every Friday and the 16th of every month is No My Car day. In order to reduce CO2, we ask people to use trains and bicycles without using cars and bikes.

Separation of garbage

Paper is separated into recycle collection box.

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