The company was established on Showa 25 (Oct. 1, 1950).
The head office was originally established in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, but relocated to the current head office's address in Showa 42 (July 1967) due to business scope expansion.
Since its establishment, the main business items have been wires and cables. Since Showa 40s (mid 1965), it started to set up business offices in various regions and expanted its business scope to electronics industry. In early Showa 50s (early 1970s), the company successfully set a strong foothold in electronic parts, materials and machinery. In the same period, it began to build processing factories.
Now, the company operates a commercial business model in Japan with strong techinical capabilities by conducting business activities based on the business policy of “placing top priority to satisfy various customer needs.”

Oct. 1950
Established company
Jul. 1967
Head office relocated from Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City to Minami Ward.
Sep. 1969
Opened Kanazawa sales office
Apr. 1970
Opened Matsumoto sales office
Jun. 1970
Opened Niigata sales office
Nov. 1973
Opened Kyushu sales office
Jun. 1974
Opened Chubu sales office
Sep. 1974
Opened Tokyo sales office
Dec. 1976
Opened Hanshin sales office
Oct. 1984
Opened Shiga sales office
Oct. 1990
Opened Fukuchiyama sales office
Nov. 1991
Opened Shizuoka sales office
Jul. 2003
Established subsidiary, H.K. Kanetsu Co., Ltd.
May. 2004
Established subsidiary, Shanghai Kanetsu Trading Co., Ltd.
May. 2006
Opened Sendai, Nagaoka and Hamamatsu sales offices
May. 2007
Opened sub-subsidiary Kanetsu Shenzhen Trading Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2008
Opened Takasaki sales office
Nov. 2008
Opened Seta sales office
Jul. 2009
Opened Hiroshima sales office
Established Kanetsu Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2013
Opened Yokohama sales office
Aug. 2014
Opened Myanmar Kanetsu Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2015
Opened Kanetsu Europe office
Mar. 2019
Opened Kanetsu Vietnam Co., Ltd. Hanoi Representative Office

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