Printed Circuit Boards

Our sales engineer who specializing in PCB will support your case.
We can manage all process from design to delivery. We can deliver finished product just by P.O (purchase order).

  • Software/Circuit development
  • Artwork design
  • PCB production
  • Component procurement
  • Implementation
  • Installing cabinet/Inspection

Development (circuit development)

We propose system configuration to realize your product image.
We can make a contribution for design resource lack. We support for design of digital circuit, analog circuit, custom power supply and High-frequency circuit?.
Please contact us for revised design of existing product as well.

Artwork design

Design of digital circuit, analog circuit, power supply and high-frequency circuit are available.
We can design by customer specific CAD and drawing check by a dedicated viewer is available.
We also have the specifications of our substrate manufacturing contractors to ensure smooth design for the next process.
According to your needs, we can deal with EMI/EMC countermeasure and Transmission Line Simulation.

Printed circuit board

We are available for various items, small LOT, domestic mass production and OUT-IN.
We also take orders for minimum lot of trial manufacturing, please contact us for Cost reduction and effective imposition.
Available for single-sided to high-Density Multilayer PCB , including IVH,SVH,BGA board.
FR-4 and CEM-3 is general-purpose materials. We can also handle a variety of material such as high-speed/high-frequency materials, halogen-free materials, aluminum, ceramic, etc.…
We can handle thinner products which board thickness is 0.1mm.
Please consult with us about delivery time, including ultra-short delivery time.


We specialize in small and medium lot production, and are also capable of mass production in relatively small quantities overseas.
We can mass-produce singe-sided and double-sided FPCs, mass-production of multi-layered FPCs are available.
Please contact us for FPC component mounting.

PCB mounting

We specialize in small-lot, wide variety production using cell production system.

We can handle from one piece. Please leave the collection of prototype parts with short delivery time to us.
Mass production:
After confirming the customer's project information, we will propose the most suitable mounting contractor.
We can also arrange all the parts for mass production.
We are capable for 0603 chip mounting, BGA and LGA mounting.


We are capable for assembly after PCB mounting.
We can also procure PCB enclosure and sheet metal necessary for assembly.
We are also looking forward to hearing from you about large scale assembly.


As a trading company specializing in electronics, we will solve your problems.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products or for a quote.

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