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Disaster support

Disaster support
As support for the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Kumamoto Earthquake, and the heavy rain disaster in Hiroshima Prefecture,
I made a donation in the hope that it would be of help to those affected by the disaster.
We sincerely hope that the affected areas will recover as soon as possible.

Regarding the arson incident that occurred at Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd., we donated money in the hope that it would be used temporarily to support the victims and rebuild the company. I sincerely pray for your speedy recovery and the recovery of your company.

Donor leave

We have established a “donor leave system” to support employees’ voluntary social contributions.
The period required to provide bone marrow/peripheral blood stem cells through a bone marrow bank is
Treated as a special leave separate from regular annual paid leave,
It reduces the work burden when becoming a donor.

On the website of the Japan Bone Marrow Bank, on the list of companies and organizations that have introduced the donor leave system
Our website is posted.

Japan Marrow Donor Program Home Page

In-house environmental equipment policy

In order for our company to grow sustainably, we need our employees to be healthy, feel motivated, and
We believe that it is important to have a workplace where each person can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest,
We strive to create a safe and pleasant working environment.
To this end, as a measure to understand the health status of employees and manage their health,
We carry out health checkups, stress checks, dental checkups, iron life tests, etc.
We are working to maintain and improve a comfortable work environment.

Volunteer leave

We introduced the “volunteer leave system” with the aim of supporting employees’ voluntary contribution to society.
We will promote participation in social contribution activities.


It is said that Kyoto is the birthplace of Jizo-bon.
As an event to pray for the growth and happiness of local children,
It has been held every August in the Kinki region since ancient times.
Our company is also fortunate to have a Jizo shrine on our premises.
Providing a Jizo Bon venue for people in the town
We actively participate in important local events by providing flowers and storing mikoshi.


“Abilympics” is a combination of Ability and Olympic, and the official name is “National Skills Competition for People with Disabilities”.
For the purpose of promoting the employment of persons with disabilities, we are cooperating with the Kyoto convention of the Abilympics.

Fund for forest

We have set up vending machines supported by the Kyoto model forest association.
Part of the sales of vending machines will be donated to “forest making”.
We are the first company to install this vending machine in a private company.

Donation for raising guide dogs

We support the training of guide dogs.
As part of its support, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Kansai Guide Dog Association “Guide Dog Training Fund”.
We are setting up a support type vending machine that can be done.

Vaccine donation

We have installed a box dedicated to PET bottle caps.
Collect used PET bottle caps and deliver vaccines to children in the world.

Blood donation

Donating blood is a common volunteer activity that can save lives.
Blood products required for blood transfusions cannot be produced artificially and cannot be stored for long periods of time.
Continuous blood donations are required.
Every year, we welcome a blood donor truck from the Red Cross Blood Center into our company.
Blood donations are available for those who wish to do so.
Many employees participated in blood donation activities this year as well.

Regional future driving company

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it has a large influence on the local economy and is expected to have growth potential.
As a company that plays a central role in the local economic value chain,
Selected as a Regional Future Driving Company.

Matching gifts

This system rewards the amount of donations and fundraising made by employees.
The company also contributes the same amount, and it is a system that deepens support for donation recipients.
It is intended for the company to support the goodwill of its employees.

High school student scholarship benefits

To avoid giving up on pursuing higher education due to financial reasons,
We have a grant-type scholarship system that does not require repayment.
Details on application qualifications and application methods can be found below.

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