Corporate governance basic policy

Basic philosophy regarding corporate governance

We believe that it is important to enhance management transparency and corporate governance in order to contribute to the development of industries around the world, achieve sustainable growth, and improve corporate value over the medium to long term. thinking about.
In addition, we have established a management philosophy of "providing satisfaction to our business partners," and in order to carry out this management philosophy, our basic policy is to build and maintain a system that can more accurately meet the expectations of each stakeholder, and to further improve corporate value. is.

Risk management

Risk management/crisis management basic policy

Our company aims to identify risks that hinder the achievement of corporate management objectives as much as possible in advance, reduce their occurrence, and aim for sustainable business development.In addition, in the event that risks materialize, we aim to minimize losses. We believe that it is important to establish countermeasures in advance, and strive to avoid or minimize damage by responding quickly and appropriately.

Internal reporting desk

In order to monitor the penetration of corporate ethics, our company has established and operates a whistle-blowing hotline.

Reports are accepted from all employees working at our company, including full-time employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees. In addition, since the reception desk is located outside and is a third-party organization, we have internal regulations stipulating the following, including strict confidentiality, and operate an internal reporting system.

The purpose of the external reception desk is to accurately understand the contents of the consultation, so we do not provide advice or opinions regarding the contents of the consultation.
The information received will be reported to the Harassment Investigation Committee with the consent of the person making the request.
We will protect the privacy of our clients and maintain strict confidentiality.
The content of the consultation will not be disclosed to the person making the request or to other employees without the consent of the person seeking the consultation.
You will not be treated disadvantageously by consulting with us.
In principle, the person in charge of answering the phone will be a woman.


Obtaining ISO certification

Kanetsu Co., Ltd. complies with international standards for quality control and has obtained ISO certification.


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