Aerospace Industry

A special electric wire that supports from ultra-low temperature to ultra-high temperature.
We have a lineup of products that can withstand harsh usage conditions, such as connectors that can be used even in a vacuum environment.


  • MIL-SPEC Cables
  • PEEK insulated Cables
  • High frequency Coaxial cable
  • Excellent heat-resistance Cables


  • Small coaxial connector
  • High-temperature・Heat-resistant connector
  • Shock and vibration-resistant connector


  • Cable protection material with excellent Abrasion-resistant, Heat-resistant, Chemical-resistant, Flame-retardant
  • FAR-25 compliant products
    PEEK cable ties and cable spacers, MIL standard compliant tubes, etc.


As a trading company specializing in electronics, we will solve your problems.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products or for a quote.

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