Kanetsu Co., Ltd. complies with international standards for quality control and has obtained ISO certification. We pursue improved customer satisfaction and sustainable growth, and have established an ISO 9001 quality management system and an ISO 14001 environmental system. We are committed to building customer trust and reliability through advanced quality control processes and superior products and services. We employ systematic quality control methods based on strict ISO standards and pursue efficient processes to meet customer requirements. We are constantly working on quality improvement and strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Our head office has obtained ISO9001 certification.

Pursuit of satisfaction

The business philosophy of KANETSU derives from “Provede satisfaction by buying and selling”. We always pursue the satisfaction of all people relevant to KANETSU.
we determine that the four major satisfactions which we pursue are “customers’ satisfaction”, partners/contractors’ satisfaction”, “employees’ satisfaction” and “area’s satisfaction”. These satisfactions influence one another, so we do our best to better the overall satisfaction.

Business target

Make a contribution to the industrial development of the world.


Happy, Enjoy, Active
As we spend alot of time in our working place, we hope we can create a comfortable and delightful working environment.

Observance of requirements

We will comply with customer requirements and requirements of laws and regulations.

Continuous improvement

Perform continuous improvement of management system.
Create an “execution plan” that embodies “management policy”, set “quality objective”, and conduct periodic review.

The details are as follows.

  1. Management always explains “management policy” at all times.
  2. Publish “management policy” inside the company and website.
  3. We will make education and training needs.
In order to maintain suitability, it is a requirement of input of management review.

Environment Management System ISO 14001

Environment Management System ISO 14001

Our head office has obtained ISO14001 certification.

Environment slogan :Let each and every one of us keep behaviors to protect and foster a living environment.

Promotion of resource saving and energy conservation activities

We will try to reduce the resources such as paper and electricity and energy consumption, promote the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reduction of industrial waste and recycling, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.

The observance such as the environmental law concerned

We comply with laws and regulations of national and local governments, legal requirements related to the environment, and external requests.
We will build a management system for chemical substances contained in products based on customer’s request.

Continuous promotion of environmental conservation activities

We will build an environmental management system and endeavor to continually improve the system through audits and periodic management review.

Promotion of education and educational activities

We also strenghen each employee’s awareness of environmental protection by engaging hi/her dairy life in implementing and protecting the global environment.
It is publicized to all employees and published to the homepage.This is a part of management policy.

Purchase green:
Thoroughly consider the necessity of purchase, purchase products or services with low environmental impact from business operators who strive to reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Report

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