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TE Connectivity “HM Connector”

Z-PACK 2mm HM Interconnection System
We are offering products that are compatible with various applications conforming to IEC 917 and IEC 61076-4-101.


●There is also a special version for compact PCI
●High density interconnection system
●Extensive signal, power, coaxial and fiber board to board, connector for cable to board
●Hardmetric type 2mm contact pitch according to IEC 917 and IEC 61076-4-101
●It is in conformity with IEC 950, and universal power module is safely designed in non-fitted state
●Prevent mating before the contact touches with mismatch key
●The applicable thickness range of the daughter card is 1.4 to 4.3mm (Maximum 3.5mm with lower shield)
●Maximum transmission is maintained by small press-fitting substrate holes and signal degradation is kept to a minimum

Electrical characteristics(representative example)



The above values are in the case of a rise time of 333 ps (10% – 90%). Those with 5 row type connectors.

The same performance improvement can be obtained even with 8 row type.

*Electrical conduction through the surface of the derivative.


Product standard 108-19082 5rows board to board connection
Mounting standard 114-19029 Standard board to board connection

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